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History and Background

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Following the collapse of the Somali state and the civil strife which followed, most educational facilities were destroyed, damaged or simply abandoned as a result of insecurity.

Education ceased to function at all levels causing school-going children and youth throughout Somalia to see their future suddenly blocked by circumstances beyond their control. Thousands of former students whose education was interrupted faced unemployment with no possibility of obtaining qualifications to enter the job market. 

In response to this bleak situation, a group of Somali professionals from within Somaliland and the Diaspora began discussions in 1996 relating to the creation of an institute of higher learning. This culminated in the establishment of Amoud University as a national community-based educational establishment.

Amoud University (AU) was formally launched in 1998 and is registered as a non-governmental, non-profit making institution. Amoud is an institute which is deeply rooted in the local community as the primary support for the establishment of Amoud came from the community elders, leaders, business people, concerned citizens and local non-governmental organizations. Moreover, the establishment of Amoud University is seen as symbolic of the transition from an era of war and destruction to an era of peace and development and inspired other Communities not only in Somaliland but also other parts of Somalia to create higher learning institutions along the lines of Amoud University.

Amoud University started in 1998 with 66 students in two Faculties (Education and Business Administration), and 3 teachers. The University currently has a student population of 4610(source: Office of The Chief Registrar, Amoud University, Academic Year Period 2017/2018) enrolled in 14 Faculties and/or Schools excluding Department of Freshman Studies, 218 teaching staff and a large library, well stocked with latest books.

Student Enrollment by Faculty/School 2017-2018:

School of Postgraduate Studies and Research 181 51 232
Department of Freshman Studies 844 417 1261
Faculty of Education 326 30 356
Faculty of Business and Public Administration 312 261 573
Faculty of Computing and Informatics 292 130 422
Faculty of Engineering 245 17 262
Faculty of Agriculture and Environment 145 35 180
School of Nursing 31 202 233
School of Nursing 175 69 244
Faculty of Shari'a and Law 134 45 179
Faculty of Economics and Political Science 92 14 106
School of Public Health and Nutrition 85 51 136
School of Dentistry 94 45 139
School of Laboratory Technology 118 58 176
School of Pharmacy 54 57 111
Total 3128 1482 4610
Percentage 67.9% 32.1% 100%


The first batch of Medical graduates came out in June 2007 and their final exams were supervised by King's College of London, United Kingdom, which provides the curriculum and teaching assistance to the Amoud University College of Health Sciences.

In 2003, Amoud University signed a project agreement with the EC/DANIDA/CfBT for teacher training at the Faculty of Education. The two years Diploma Education Programme is funded by EC and DANIDA through UNESCO and CfBT. Currently the university consists of thirteen faculties which variably offer Masters Degrees, Bachelor degrees, two years diploma and certificate programs. Amoud University is well on course to introduce its PhD programme soon.

All Students must go through Freshman Department, for their First Academic Year where they undertake General Requirement and Common courses before specializing in Sophomore(second year) Academic within particular Faculties or Schools. Each faculty or School formulates its own Academic program within the general regulation of the university and enjoys considerable amount of freedom over its internal affairs, including recommendations for the selection of faculty members. Amoud University will continue to lead in dissemination of Education through excellence and dedication.

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