Amoud Foundation was established in 1998, one year after establishment of Amoud University. The two institutions are commonly referred to as "cousins", based on the fact that the one institution was founded just about one year after the other but the two have been closely related from their inception being strategic partners from "birth". Amoud Foundation has supported Amoud University since its inception. Initially the foundation collected money on behalf of the university to support payment of pioneer staff members mainly getting donations from the donors who happened to be Somalis living in the Diaspora. However, there was need for sustainability and continuity at Amoud University so it gradually and gently withdrew this support as the university took its place "to stand on its own feet".

Amoud Foundation brought in various forms and amounts of financial, material and other resource support for Amoud University between the year 1997 and the year 2004. For example Amoud Foundation contributed to Amoud University about USD80,000 being one of the major donations recevied by the university for support towards the construction of the tarmac road between Amoud University and Borama Town. In addition Amoud Foundation sent a huge shipment of books and medical supplies that went into stokcing of the Main University Libarary at Amoud University Main Campus and Amoud University College of Health Sciences respectively. Furthermore, when Amoud University first launched it's Medical College, the studies were hosted in a rented space in Borama town which was paid for by Amoud Foundation before eventually the College moved to its new self-owned premises where it's currently located.

In 2004, the board of Amoud Foundation came in to explore possibilities of building and supporting a Teaching and Referral Hospital, which was later to be the named Al Hayat Teaching and Referral Hospital. Several water wells have been sunk by Amoud Foundation for and in support of Amoud University too. In addition Prof. Suleiman Ahmed Guleid, president of Amoud University was invited by Amoud Foundation to North America (mainly the United States of America and Canada) in order to help establish contacts for supporting international linkages.

Amoud Foundation has continued to assist Amoud University in several such crucial areas and the visit by uMass(University of Massachusetts) officials during the week starting Saturday October 8th, 2016 and ending Friday October 14th, 2016 therefore acts as a the latest testimony to such fruitful efforts. The planning and organization of the trip taken by Dr. Joseph B. Berger who is currently serving as Senior Associate Dean and Director, Center for International Education (CIE), College of Education, University of Massachusetts Amherst, together with Dr. Mohamed Good(PhD), the Research Associate, College of Education, University of Massachusetts Amherst and Hanni S. Thoma, Research Assistant College of Education, University of Massachusetts Amherst was a culmination of one more than three years of preparations and logistical groundwork laid out by Amoud Foundation. Initially, Amoud Foundation sponsored Prof. Suleiman Ahmed Guleid, President of Amoud University for a fully-funded trip to USA where he met Dr. Mohamed Good of UMass. Through this contact, a relationaship was born and Dr. Mohamed Good paid a visit to Amoud University, once more the trip fully funded by Amoud Foundation. Finally, Dr. Mohamed Good managed to network with Dr. Joseph B. Berger also of UMass and the two together with the President, Amoud Foundation, which has all along played an active role in the travel arrangements ensured the trip was a success. This trip means a lot to Amoud Foundation being one of their investments in education.