On Thursday October 27th, 2016 inside Amoud University Main Campus Graduation Hall, Mohamed Ali Osman, delivered a lecture on "Challenges and Opportunities in Somaliland Job Market" for novices especially the new graduates from universities. This was a first public lecture in a series of several lined up public lectures on Real Life Applications and Experience Sharing programme of 2016 in the Department of Business Administration, Faculty of Business and Public Administration, organized by the Management of the Faculty of Business and Public Adminsitration.

Mr. Mohamed was invited at the pleasure of Abdisamad Egeh Habaneh, the Dean, Faculty of Business and Public Administration, Amoud University. Prof Suleiman, the President, Amoud University made a brief appearance at the venue, where amongst other hosts present were Prof. Mohamoud Mohamed Jama "Derie", Vice President, Public Relations and Community Outreach, Amoud University, Abdikadir Nouh Abdikarim, Associate Dean, Faculty of Business and Public Administration and Abubakar Saeed, Assitant Dean, Faculty of Business and Public Administration, Amoud University.

Students drawn from Department of Business Administration, faculty of Business and Public Administration, Amoud University attending a Public Lecture on  Challenges and Opportunities in Somaliland Job Market. The guest speaker is Mohamed Ali Osman, who is Amoud University alumnus and successful entreprenuer. [Thursday, October 27th, 2016]

The motivational guest speaker Mr. Mohamed is Amoud University alumnus, a product of the third cohort of graduates from Faculty of Business and Public Administration, Amoud University. He wears many feathers in his hat for example he is an entreprenuer who hails from a family of renowned enterprising background, and has several years of experience in doing business both localy and internationally; he was a pioneer in the field of transportation having introduced the three wheeler (force) mode of transportation in Somaliland and lately a crucial leader of the team that introduced SAHAL Transport Company limited, a modern comfortable public transport vehicle plying the route between Borama and Hargeisa cities. He is also a Founding member of ASARDA, an agency involved in road and infrastructure development and construction.

In his motivational speech he enlightened Students from Department of Business Administration on several areas including:

  • How to seek job opportunities or identify gaps to create business opportunities for themselves
  • The need to look for jobs in order just to gain experience, and not focus first on money or income
  • Why they should engage in volunteer work in order to open up chances of possible absorption and interaction with the industry players for business networking
  • In addition he encouraged students to not just look for chances for getting jobs in organizatuions but also seek to create jobs and wealth for themselves and other people. He said that whereas one group of students may get jobs from certain organizations, some others must create their own jobs and not wait for opportunities but try to create something which can prosper.
  • In addition he further delved into Human Resource Management, whereby he espoused on the influence of motivation as one of the main factors known to increase employee productivity of any organization.

Morevover he encouraged students to be excellent and seek high levels of competence in their areas of expertise which if added with experience would prove very advantageous to an individual.