On December 19th, 2016 Prof. Ahmed A. Boqore, Vice President for Academic Affairs Amoud University hosted deans of various faculties at The Office of The President, Amoud University main campus. In attendance were Prof. Mohamed M. Jama "Derie", Vice President for Public Relations and Community Outreach, AU; Abdillahi Aare, Chief Registrar, AU; Abdisamad Egeh Habaneh, Dean School of Business and Public Administration; Dr. Mohamed Ali Nageye, Dean, Faculty of Sharia and Law, AU; Abdirahman Ahmed Muhumed, Dean Faculty of Education, AU; Mr. Ahmed Musa Murud "Aways", Dean, Department of Freshman Studies, AU; Abdallah Ali Yusuf, Dean Faculty of Economics and Political Science, AU;  Abdiaziz Mohamed Ahmed, Associate Dean, Environmental Management, Faculty of Agriculture and Environment, AU;  Said Hassan Habaneh, Dean, Office of Students Affairs and Counseling Services, AU; Edwin Omondi Okech, Dean, Faculty of Computing and ICT, AU; Fahad Abdirahman Ahmed, IT Officer, AU; and Ahmed Awale Ahmed, Assistant Dean, Faculty of Engineering, AU.

Prof. Boqore set the agenda which first and foremost included setting date for orientation day for freshman students. The meeting passed the date as Thursday December 22nd, 2016 when the students shall be given a briefing on what is expected of them by the university, timelines for various activities lined up during an academic year and where various services can be obained if there is such need. During this planned meeting with students from Freshman Department is where students are introduced to Academic Rules and Regulations of Amoud University. In addition the meeting discussed preparations for the Somaliland Commission for Higher Education (CHE). This is based on the fact that the standardization body is expected to visit universities all over Somaliland and assess their suitability or otherwise so as to enable high quality of education and control harpharzad mushrooming of institutions of higher.

In view of this the meeting followed up on preparations pertaining crucial documents such as Academic Rules and Regulations, Examination Rules and Regulations, Policy documents from various units, Constitution, Organogram, Terms of Reference for members of staff, teacher qualifications including copies of curriculim vitae and testimonials, and several essential paper work.

[R-L]Prof. Ahmed Mouse Muruud, Dean Faculty of Freshman Studies AU, Prof. Abdisamad Egeh Habane, Dean Faculty of Business and Public Admistration AU,  Mr. Edwin Omondi Okech, Dean Faculty of Computing and ICT AU, Mr Abdiaziz Mohamed Ahmed, Associate Dean, Faculty of Environment Management, Said Habaneh, Dean Office of Student Affairs and Counseling Services, AU and Abdirahman Ahmed Mohumed Dean Faculty of Education AU inside Office of the President, Main campus, Amoud University, Borama on December 19th, 2016

Extracurricular activities formed part of the agenda including sports and visits in which faculties were encouraged to organize for students to travel for academic field trips and non academic trips in other towns so as to earn invaluable exposure.

In addition the issue of examinations came up, where faculties were reminded of the need for moderation of examinations before their release. Issues of student registration and online education platform also came up.