General Info

The University Senate

The university senate consists of the academic staff that meets at least once a semester to discuss the academic affairs of the university and submit recommendations to the university council for consideration.

Deans of Faculties and Directors

Each Faculty or College shall be led by a Dean who is the Chief Executive Officer of the Faculty, Deans are recommended for appointments by the President of the University and approved by the Board of Trustees.

S/No Designation Faculty/ Department/ Unit of Administration Title and Name
1 Principal College of Health Sciences Dr. Said Ahmed Walhad
2 Director Quality Assurance Unit Mr. Mohamed Jama Madar
3 Chief Academic Registrar Office of The Registrar Mr. Abdillahi Hassan Aare
4 Director of Finance Administration and Finance Department Mr. Hamud Ibrahim Barkhadle
5 Chief Financial Controller Administration and Finance Department Mrs. Deqa Hussein Hassan
6 Dean School of Postgraduate Studies and Research Dr. Mohamed Muse Jibril
7 Dean Office of Student Affairs Mr. Said Hassan Habaneh
8 Counselor Office of Student Counselling Services Mr. Abdinasir Deriye
9 Chief Librarian Main Campus Library Mrs. Qabul Nuuh Ali
10 Dean Faculty of Agriculture and Environment Mr. Mohamed Abdi Osman
11 Dean Faculty of Business and Public Administration Mr. Abdisamad Egeh Habaneh
12 Dean Faculty of Computing and ICT Mr. Edwin Omondi Okech
13 Dean Faculty of Education Mr. Abdirahman Ahmed Muhumed
14 Dean Faculty of Economics and Political Science Mr. Abdalleh
15 Dean Faculty of Engineering Eng. Farah Muse Khaire
16 Dean Faculty of Sharia and Law Dr. Mohamed Ali Nageeye
17 Dean School of Dentistry Dr. Abdirashid Omar Sheikh
18 Dean School of Nursing and Midwifery Dr. Fadumo H. Abibakar 
19 Dean School of Medical Laboratory Technology Dr. Mohamed Daud Qawdan
20 Dean School of Medicine and Surgery Dr. Ismail Muhumed Aye
21 Dean School of Pharmacy Dr. Abdirashid Dahir Aye
22 Dean School of Public Health Dr. Mohamed Ahmed Aare
23 Dean Department of Freshman Studies Mr. Ahmed Musa Murud "Aways"
24 Dean Department of Gender Affairs Mrs. Yurub A. Muumin



The University Council

The university council is the executive body, which runs the day-to-day affairs of the university and consists of the President, Vice President, the Deans of the Faculties the Registrar, and technical support committee. The council appoints senior officials of the university with the exception of university

Board of Trustees

The board of trustee consists of prominent members of the community. The Board issues the overall policy directives and guidelines along which the university is steered, appoints the president of the university and reviews annual report and budget of the university.