Amoud University Vision, Mission, Objectives

Amoud University Vision, Mission, Objectives

About University

Amoud University is a non-governmental, national University and open to all aspiring candidates who fulfill the admission requirements without discrimination based on sex, ethnic, origin, creed, color or religion.

The idea of establishing Amoud University was conceived by four intellectuals working in the Gulf in 1994 and was formally proposed in a workshop held in Borama on August 6, 1996. The workshop agreed to the proposal and adopted a resolution for the establishment of the University by 1997.

Amoud University started its first admission examination on September 1997 and selected 66 students to undergo a nine-month intensive English course. The University commenced its undergraduate program on 4 November 1998 and admitted the first freshman class, setting a landmark in the history of higher education in this country.

The Vision, Mission and Objectives of Amoud University

Our Vision

Amoud University aspires to be a centre of excellence in education and scholarship in the Horn of Africa and a pioneer in promoting understanding and peace between cultures and communities in the region.

Our Mission

The Mission of Amoud University is to significantly contribute to the development of the potentialities of Somali people through education and training and thus help them join in the global village.

Objectives of Amoud University

The following were set as the objectives of the University:-

  • To restore hope and strengthen their confidence in their Islamic faith and country and a sense of direction for the younger generation and thus reduce their tendency to get involved in anti-social activities including confrontations.   
  • To set an example for other regions as a practical demonstration of the benefits of the culture of  peace.   
  • To  pioneer a tradition of higher education in Somaliland and to train a new breed of professionals.   
  • To influence and guide the system of education in the country.   
  • To provide an alternative and opportunities for those who were being attracted to foreign countries under the pretext of seeking higher education.

Faculties and Schools

  • Faculty of Education   
  • Faculty of Business & Public Administration   
  • Faculty of Agriculture & Environment   
  • Faculty of Computing & ICT   
  • Faculty of Sharia & Law   
  • Faculty of Economics & Political Science   
  • Faculty of Civil Engineering   
  • School of Postgraduate Studies

College of Health Sciences

  • School of Medicine & Surgery   
  • School of Nursing & Midwifery   
  • School of Medical Laboratory Technology   
  • School of Dentistry   
  • School of Pharmacy   
  • School of Public Health


  • Department of Planning, Research and Quality Assurance   
  • Department of Administration and Finance   
  • Department of International Links and Development Activities   
  • Department of Student Affairs and Counseling Services   
  • Department of Freshman Studies
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