Abokor Said Ali, - Dean, Faculty of Business & Public Administration, at his Office, Main Campus, Amoud University - December 2018

Faculty of Business & Public Administration

22 November 2018
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The Faculty of Business and Public Administration is one of the thirteen faculties of Amoud University.

It is located at Amoud Valley, the university's main campus, Borama, Awdal Region, Somaliland. The Faculty of Business and Public Administration along with the Faculty of Education was the first two faculties inaugurated on Nov 4th, 1998. 

In accordance with the mission of the university the main mission of the faculty is to promote scholarship and provide quality business education and training, and serve to the community

The faculty offers the following programs:-

  • Bachelors Degree of Business Administration (stream Management and Accounting)
  • Bachelors Degree in Public Administration
  • Bachelors Degree in Project Management
  • Diploma in Business Administration
  • Diploma in Project Management

The faculty of business and Public Administration  works closely with the other faculties in the university as well as the other related faculties in the country and outside the country.

The faculty is committed to extending the boundaries of business trainings and legal education. We aim to achieve this through close relationships with professional associations, other education providers and universities, businesses, employers, local organizations, international organizations and government across-Somaliland and internationally.  

Policy Statement

The Faculty of Business and  Public Administration is committed to provide its students with high quality education who will in turn contribute to the overall improvement of human development opportunities of the country. All individuals who meet its admission requirements regardless of race, religion, color, gender and nationality can join the faculty.

Objectives of the Faculty

  • To contribute to the reconstruction and development of the country by training human resources.
  • To provide business & Economic courses both degree and diploma and establish a center of excellence for management, accounting, project management, human resource management and marketing and other related courses.
  • Review regularly existing business practice gaps and developing curricula to keep abreast with national and global developments while promoting applied research on cutting edge issues in business and related disciplines.
  • To provide consultancy services to government, industry, the private sector and the community at large.
  • Develop and implement a systematic process of continuous quality assurance in training and business practice

Criteria for Admission    

  • Local applicants who seek admission to Faculty of Business and Public Administration must pass the General Secondary School Leaving Examination conducted by the Somaliland Ministry of Education.    
  • If there are more applicants than available vacancies, students with high grades will be given priority. Applicants who hold Secondary Education Certificates from recognized institutions in other countries will have their certificates evaluated and approved by the Academic Committee.

Graduation Requirements    

  • The credit hour per semester forms the basis of awarding a degree at the university. In order to be eligible for a degree, a student must earn successfully a minimum of 124 credit hours with an overall GPA {Grade Point Average} of at least 2:00 and 2.5 for his major area either management or accounting at the moment on a 4-point scale.
  • In addition, he/she must also pass Amoud Comprehensive Exam (ACE) for his major. That is, he/she must earn a minimum of GPA: 2.00 (Overall), 2.5 (major area) and a pass grade for the ACE.

Academic Year

  • The university operates on a semester system and the academic year commences in mid September and continues until the middle of July. There is a one-month break after the first semester and two months holiday at the end of the academic year.

Get In Touch

Main Campus, Amoud University, Borama, Somaliland

  • Add: Amoud Valley, Borama, Awdal
  • Tel: +252 6 14144
  • Email: president@amouduniversity.org
  • Hotline: +252 63 4458618

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