A section of students from Department of Freshman Studies, after their participation in the annual freshman orientation day event held at main campus amoud University in October 2019.

Department of Freshman Studies

29 November 2018
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Freshman Department is commonly referred to as “the gate way to Amoud University”.

The total number of freshman classes are nineteen (19) classes code named class A to class S. This is the highest ever recorded number of new intake in an academic year for the freshman department. The total numbers of students are 1567; out of whom 980 are male while the remaining 587 are female. These students are from twenty three (23) different origins and countries all over the world among them Somaliland, Somalia, Kenya, Djibouti, Saudi Arabia, USA, and England.

The department of freshman currently employs thirty (30) lecturers; out of whom twenty seven (27) are holders of Masters degree qualifications and the remaining three (3) lecturers are holders of Bachelors degree qualifications in different specializations. The aim of this department is to improve the quality of the education of the students in order to pave the way for further studies. In addition, based on the grade point of the students the department enlists the students to different field of studies (According to their grade point average GPA).

Freshman Department is a stepping stone to something higher. Freshman department differs from the rest of Amoud University departments in many ways i.e. number of students, time and management. Courses to be taught are core subjects like English, Math’s, basic science subjects like Biology, Physics and Chemistry.

The department has five (5) lecture halls in down town Borama and another four (4) in the main campus of Amoud University. The department is chaired by the Dean of the department, who is assisted by an associate dean and Assistant Dean.


The aim is to improve the quality of the education we give in order to pave the way for further studies and to enlist student’s respective departments in Amoud University according to their grade point average (GPA).


The mission of Amoud University is build on principles of intellectual excellence, we are committed to providing high-quality, internationally competitive education, founded on high academic standards, public engagement, and productive partnerships with leading institutions throughout the world.


The following are the objectives of the University.
This plan develops a series of specific objectives (ends) and actions (means) to enhance excellence central domains or goal area of the university:

  1. Emphasizes the importance of increasing the size and quality of faculty in strategically important areas, enhancing the diversity of faculty, and anticipating future retirements by pre-filling positions.
  2. The health and well-being of students are included as conditions for academic and life success.
  3. Identifies ways to enhance excellence in teaching across the university and ways to enable students to take full advantage of the university’s educational breadth through more field-based or international activities in which they “engage the world” in their academic work under faculty supervision.
  4. To increase the number of academic departments that achieve a position of leadership, strengthen support for emerging Interdisciplinary areas, and provide libraries and shared research facilities.
  5. Affirms the critical role of staff in support of the academic mission and the importance of being an exemplary employer; under Organizational Stewardship.

Freshman Department Programme

Amoud Freshman Department put forward a program to its potential students. This program lasts for one year and allocated to provide them basic educations such as English Skills( Reading and Writing), Science (Biology/Chemistry/Physics), Maths(Pre-calculus/Calculus I), Arabic and Islamic Study.

Mr. Harun Ismail Warsame

Dean, Department of Freshman Studies


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