Members of Amoud University Council attending a diner party in honor of Amoud College of health Sciences following an excellent performance which led to the college's lsting as the best medical institution in Somaliland on July 3, 2019 at Rays Hotel, Borama.

University Council

22 November 2018
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The university council is the executive body, which runs the day-to-day affairs of the university and consists of the President, Vice President, the Deans of the Faculties the Registrar, and technical support committee.

The council appoints senior officials of the university with the exception of university president.

University Council

The Council

There shall exist a Council at Amoud University called Amoud University Council. The University Council shall:

  1. Be the organ responsible for governance, control and the day to day administration of the University;
  2. Be the executive body of the University;
  3. Have the overall responsibility with regard to operations of the University; and
  4. Be responsible to the Board of Trustees.

Membership of the University Council

Members of the Council shall be:

  1. The President, as the Chairperson;
  2. Vice President for Administration and Finance; as the Secretary;
  3. Vice-Presidents;
  4. Registrar;
  5. Principals of Colleges and Schools;
  6. Deans of the Faculties, Institutes of the University;
  7. Directors of Institutes and programs;
  8. Directors of Central university offices;
  9. Chairperson of the Examinations Board;
  10. Students Representative(s);
  11. Staff Representative(s).

Functions of the University Council

The University Council shall:

  1. Approve the budget and submit to the Board of Trustees for final approval;
  2. Approve all academic and administrative policies and, rules and regulations governing the various organs including promotion and
    termination of services of the University;
  3. Amend the policies and, rules and regulations regulations of the University, if and when necessary in accordance with Article 26 (1-3);
  4. Ratify agreements and contracts entered into by the University with other institutions;
  5. Discuss and make decisions on matters concerning all aspects of the University submitted by the President, or Senate;
  6. Establish committees and Units to undertake specific tasks concerning the operations of the University;
  7. Determine the fees and other charges levied by the University;
  8. Ensure that a proper management structure is in place and that the structure functions to maintain corporate integrity, reputation and
  9. Monitor and evaluate the implementation of strategies, polices, and management criteria and plans of the University;
  10. Provide for the welfare of students and staff of the University; and
  11. Confer, after receiving a report from Senate, the relevant titles of professor, etc.
  12. Perform other functions as may be delegated by the Board of Trustees.

Committees of the University Council

  1. The Council shall have the following standing committees:
    1. Executive Committee;
    2. Planning, Finance and Investment Committee;
    3. Human Resource Committee;
    4. Academic Committee; and
    5. Disciplinary Committee;
  2. Ad-Hoc Committees may be formed if and when necessary.

Vacating Office

A member of the Council shall hold office for a term of Four (4) years and shall be eligible for appointment for another term. However, the office of a member of the Council shall become vacant:

  1. If the member resigns in writing to the Chairperson of Council;
  2. If the Council is satisfied that the member, by reason of ill-health, is unable to exercise the functions of his/her office;
  3. If the member is guilty of gross misconduct;
    Upon the death of a members.


Notwithstanding the provision of this Constitution, the Council shall not initiate any action with respect to any of the matters mentioned in Article 11.3 except upon a receipt of a report or proposal there under.


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