A section fo Students sitting for final examinations at Amoud University in January 2018 [FILE/Photo]

A section fo Students sitting for final examinations at Amoud University in January 2018 [FILE/Photo]

Mid-Term Examinations for Amoud University faculties offering undergraduate courses located in main campus Borama for March 2018 / July 2018 Academic Semester are set to begin on Saturday May 5th, 2018 and end on Saturday, May 12th, 2018.

The examinations are scheduled to take a period of not more than seven days in cognizance of the maximum allowable number of courses, and hence credit units/hours registered for by students within one semester.

According to Amoud University Academic Rules and Regulations last updated in Academic Year September 2014/ July 2015, there are at least two major examinations within a given semester, a mid term exam and final exam in each course.

Assignments carry a total of 20% of the total grade of every course and is awarded at the discretion of the course lecturer. No student is exempted from the mid term and final examinations.

Unjustified absence from both exams will constitute a failure. That is the minimum marks of the final exam must be 40% of the total marks of every course. And the minimum marks of mid term exam should be 30% of the total marks of each course.

Planned mid term exams should be notified by the faculty at least one week in advance. In every course, the attendance is essential. The total marks assigned for student attendance should not be more than 10%.

We wish all candidates success in their forthcoming examinations!

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