Saed Habaneh, Dean School of Postgraduate Studies & Research, Amoud University

Saed Habaneh, Dean School of Postgraduate Studies & Research, Amoud University

Amoud University Held Research Thesis Viva Voce today, Tuesday July 17th, 2018 at the School of Postgraduate Studies and Research Premises in Borama Campus for 15 students undertaking various Masters degree programmes.

The Program started at 7.30am with All candidates and the public getting seated. At 7.40am the Dean, SPGSR, called the meeting to order, welcomed all guests and then welcomed the Deputy President Administration & Finance, AU who gave the opening remarks, followed by Observations and Reactions from the floor, moderated by the chair. Prof. Ahmed Abdillahi Boqore, VP A &F, introduced the students to the session and urged them not to panic but rather consider the session as a chance to demonstrate ownership of the work they have done in their thesis.

Viva voce begun at 8.30am with the chair laying out the guidelines for all in attendance. This was an open viva voce where all were welcome. Candidates present in turns. Each student makes a 10-minute oral presentation espousing the background of the problem, the research problem, the thesis statement and its justification, and the methodology to be used to answer the key questions. This is then followed by a 20-minute question and answer session where the panelists ask the candidate questions based on both oral and written presentation, and the student responds. Each candidate must prepare 10 copies of a six slides summary of the main issues he/she focuses on during the viva voce.

The Panelists included:-
1. Prof. Idris S. Kasenene (Chair)
2. Dr. Vitalis Okoth Odero (Secretary)
3. Oso Willis Yuko
4. Dr. Omemo Peter
5. Peter Noel Musiko
6. Morvin Odhiambo Achilla
7. Dr. Elijah N. Odundo
8. Saed Hassan Habane (Dean)
9. Saciida A. Omar (Associate Dean)
10. Omar A. Ismail (Associate Dean)
11. Zakaria M. Ahmed (Assistant Dean)

The following students defended their theses with the topics under listed :-

S. No. Candidate Programme Topic
1. Abillahi M. Bade Public Health Determinants of Malnutrition in Children under Five years in Borama District, Somaliland
2. Mohamoud A. Mohamoud Public Health Factors Influencing Married Women's Uptake of family Planning in Borama District, Somaliland.
3. Amiin Q. Egeh Public Health Factors Influencing Utilization of Antenatal tetanus Toxoid Immunization Among Women of Child Bearing Age Attending Health Facilities in Borama, Somaliland
4. Roda I. Ahmed Public Health Maternal factors Influencing Management of Diarrhea Among Children under Five Years Old in Sh. Ali Jawhar, Borama District Somaliland
5. Ahmed I. Osman Educational Management Influence of Job Satisfaction on Performance of Teachers in private Secondary School in Borama District, Somaliland
6. Abdisamad H. Hassan Educational Management Effect of Teachers' Motivation on Students' Academic Performance in Private Secondary Schools in Borama District, Somaliland
7. Abdirahman I. Egeh Public Health Influence of Sanitation on Diarrhea among Children Under Five Years in Haslay Area, Borama District, Somaliland
8. Tawakal A. Ali Research Status of Curriculum Planning in Secondary Schools in Somaliland. The Case of Secondary Schools on Hargeisa
9. Hamud I. Barkhadle Curriculum Management Challenges facing Students' Performance in Social Studies in Secondary Schools in Borama District, Somaliland
10. Mohamed M. Ismail Educational Management Challenges facing inspection of Secondary Schools in Borama District, Somaliland
11. Mohamed D. Jama Educational Management Influence of Supervision on performance of Teachers in Secondary Schools in Borama District, Somaliland
12. Ahmednour O. Dahir Educational Management Effect of School Environment on Teachers' Retention in Public Primary Schools in Borama District, Somaliland
13. Hamse A. Omer Public Health Maternal Factors Influencing Uptake of Pentavalent Vaccine for Children less than One Year in Borama District, Somaliland
14. Naima A. Abdi Public Health Factors Affecting Uptake of Measles Vaccination Among Children at Nine Months in Sh. Osman, Borama Disctrict, Somaliland
15. Mohamed D. Hirsi Educational Management Effect of Teacher personality Traits on Academic Performance of Students in Secondary Schools in Borama District, Somaliland
Adminsitrative Staff at Research Viva Voce July 2018
L-R Muktar Omar (Associate Dean, SPGSR), Saed Hassan Habane (Dean SPGSR), Prof. Ahmed A. Boqore (VP Administration & Finance, AU) and Saciida A. Omar (Associate Dean, SPGSR, at Research Viva Voce July 2018)

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