A section of Freshman Students taking Final Exams at Town Campus, ICT Building 2018

Faculty Re-Exam/ Special Exams Wednesday, March 27th, 2019- Tuesday, April 2nd, 2019

28 March 2019
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According to the new changes of examination dates approved by the sub committee on academics, Re-Exams and Special Examinations for faculties located at Main campus Amoud University and in particular those running undergraduate degree and diploma programmes, are scheduled to start on Wednesday, March 27th, 2019 and will continue for seven days ending Tuesday, April 2nd, 2019.

Re-Exams and Special Examinations

  • Students who fail in the End-of-Semester examinations shall be required to take Re-Exams.
  • Students who did not attempt the End-of-Semester examinations for justifiable reasons and with permission from the Dean of Faculty or School shall be required to take Special Exams.
  • Re-exams/ Special Exams shall be conducted within the first Four (4) weeks of the new semester. For avoidance of doubt, there shall be no Re-Exam/ Special Exam paper after the fourth week of the semester.
  • A student cannot sit for more than two (2) Re-Exams in one examination.
  • A student can sit for any number of Special Exams in one examination as long as permission is obtained from the Dean of Faculty or School.
  • Senior students in their final semester who fail shall NOT sit more than two Re-Exam (2) courses after the final End-of-Semester examinations, just before graduation.
  • Sophomore students who failed some courses in Freshman Year or did not attempt some courses shall take the Re-Exam/ Special Exam of Freshman Year when it is next offered.
  • The marking and processing of Re-Exams/ Special exams shall be concluded within one (1) week of the last date of Re-Exam examinations.
  • As long as the Re-Exams/ Special Exam results processing is not concluded, the former grades shall remain calculated in the GPA.
  • The highest grade a student can attain in a Re-Exam is grade “C”.
  • The highest grade a student can attain in a Special Exam is grade “A”.
  • There shall be NO RE-Exam for coursework.
A Section of the Senate sitting at Amoud University in March 2019[File/Photo]
A Section of the Senate sitting at Amoud University in March 2019[File/Photo]

Compensatory Questions

  • A Compensatory question is an extra question in the end of semester question paper attempted by a student who had missed Mid-Term exams. For avoidance of doubt;
    • A Compensatory question is not an additional question on the examination paper.
    • The Compensatory question is already included in the examination paper as an ordinary question, usually as an optional question (in Section B and Section C).
  • A student who attempts more than the recommended alternative question(s) shall be answering a Compensatory question so long as the student had prior permission to do so.
  • Unless a student had prior permission to answer extra question(s), answering extra question(s) shall not give the student any advantage.
    Students who, for valid reasons, were not able to sit for Mid-Term examinations shall be required to attempt a Compensatory question (s) in the End-of-Semester examinations.
  • There shall be no additional time for students who attempt Compensatory question(s).
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