Prof. Suleiman A. Gulaid addressing Freshmen at main campus, main hall, Amoud University, Borama, Thursday, November 14th, 2019

Amoud University Freshman Orientation 2019!

16 November 2019
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On Thursday, November 14th, 2019, Freshman Orientation Meeting was held at Main Campus, Amoud University, Borama.

The Event was hosted by Abdisamad Egeh Habaneh, Dean Students Affairs, AU and Harun Ismail Warsame, Dean, Department of Freshman Studies, Amoud University. Key note speech was delivered by Prof. Suleiman Ahmed Gulaid, President, Amoud University. In attendance were Prof. Ahmed. A. Boqore, Prof. Mohamed M.  Jama "Derie", Vice President, Public Relations, Community Outreach and in charge of non-curricular activities, Dr. Mohamed M. Jibril, Vice President, Academic  Affairs, Suleiman Hassan Ali, Chief Registrar, Hamud Barkhadle, Director, Administration and Finance Office, Yurub A. Mumin, Dean, Gender Affairs and Advocacy, Deans of other faculties, Director Quality Assurance and Maintenance of Standards alongside students and other guests. Orientation Day is purposed to introduce students to Amoud Family that has existed since the days of the previous prestigious Amoud Secondary School, and expose them to their rights and privileges, organizational hierarchy and further create awareness among them regarding Rules and Regulations of the university.

Abdisamad E. Habaneh, Dean Students Affairs, Amoud University, Thursday, November 14th, 2019
Abdisamad E. Habaneh, Dean Students Affairs, addressing incoming students from department of freshman studies, during Freshman Orientation Day, held at main campus Amoud University, on Thursday, November 14th, 2019

The president set off by welcoming all freshmen of 2019/2020 academic year to Amoud University family. In his special welcome message he told the new comers of the history of Amoud University's establishment where he reminisced how Amoud University's has truly lived up to it's motto of being "A Vehicle for Peace and Development", not only in guiding enrollment of students from all over the world but also in midwifing several societal problems  peaceful negotiations and conflict resolutions that have led to peaceful co-existence of communities near and far on many occasions. Amoud University, the president said, is a safe place where the host community welcomes and respects students from all over the world, a good example being this year where students have come from more than 26 destinations to come and learn, including those from Somaliland, Somalia, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Djibouti, Saudi Arabia, USA and England. There is no discrimination whatsoever, he said, irrespective if where students are originally from. He stated that as a matter of fact in the local community as long as a students has indicated that he is learning at Amoud University, that is an automatic ticket for maximum respect and a safety net as attested to by several graduates who have gone through the Amoud University life and system. The main aim of the freshman department is to improve  the quality of high school graduates as they prepare for further studies in their Sophomore classes on-wards. In addition, based on the cumulative grade point average, the students are able to enlist for enrollment in different fields of specialization. The Freshman Department is therefore a stepping stone to something higher. Prof. Suleiman further announced to the students the recent results from international assessors who had placed Amoud University at Number One ranked University in Somaliland based on quality and standards of Amoud University's College of Health Sciences (ACHS). This he said further confirms Amoud University's position as the best University in Somaliland and indeed in the horn of Africa region and as the oldest and most prestigious University.

A Section of Students from Freshman Department, attending Orientation at main hall, main campus, November 14th, 2019
A Section of Students from Freshman Department, attending Orientation Day at main hall, main campus, November 14th, 2019

Freshman Department differs from the rest of Amoud University departments in many ways, for instance, in terms of number of students, time duration of 
the programme and management. Currently the department has enrolled 1335 students in the September 2019/ January 2020 Academic Semester out of whom 469 are female representing 35.1% and 866 are male, representing 64.9%. A total of 28 teaching staff are working for the department as lecturers  in various fields of specialization. The freshman department offers various courses incluidng Arabic, Islamic Studies, English language, basic mathematics  courses, basic science subjects like biology, chemistry and physics. It is chaired by a Dean assisted by an assistant dean.

Prof. Mohamed M. Jama "Derie"highlighted to the students a few important rules and regulations of Amoud University and advised them to liaise closely with the office of students affairs, quality assurance and maintenance of standards, registrar and office of gender affairs and advocacy in case they may be in need of particular kind of help. He addressed at length, the issues of need for timely fee payment and need for obedience to the time schedule for bus transportation for smooth running of the main campus classes. Among the speakers was Yurub Abdirahman Mumin who encouraged female students to go for their dreams because at Amoud University you can easily get such opportunities are limitless, you can go as high as you desire. She expressed confidence on the fair chance given to female students by the university further notifying the female students of the special merit scholarships awarded to the overall best female students in terms of Grade Point Average in each and every faculty, for every semester of study.

Yurub A. Mumin, giving a speech during Orientation Day at main hall, main campus, November 14th, 2019
Yurub A. Mumin, giving a speech during Orientation Day at main hall, main campus, November 14th, 2019

Abdisamad Egeh Habaneh, Dean of Students Affairs delivered the closing remarks informing the students of the purposes of the orientation day which include how to live within the Amoud University family, where to get get in case you need it for example in accommodation, Academic Rules and Regulations, student Rights, Privileges and Responsibilities and Student Code of Conduct. He further used the opportunity to encourage other students who are still in Secondary to join Amoud University upon completion of their secondary school education because it is a public institution which will forever remain so. This means therefore there is guaranteed longevity of the existence of the university, in contrast to private universities which may close shop any day and bring doubt on existence of their graduates' certificates. In other words, private universities life span is not guaranteed as they may be operated only at the mercy of the owners and if the owner and his vision cease to exist, so will the private university die a natural death.

Members of Senior Management Team of Amoud University including L-R Prof. Mohamed M. Jama
Members of Senior Management Team of Amoud University including L-R Prof. Mohamed M. Jama "Derie", Vice President, Public Relations, Community Outreach and overall in charge of non curricular, Amoud University, Prof. Ahmed. A. Boqore, Senior Vice President, Administration and Finance, Amoud University, Prof. Suleiman A. Gulaid, President, Amoud University and Yurub A. Mumin, Dean, Gender Affairs and Advocacy, Amoud University consulting during Orientation Day at main hall, main campus, November 14th, 2019


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