[L-R]A section of officials from various offices including Samakab Baashe Ahmed, Asst. WebMaster, Amoud College of Health Sciences (ACHS), Saed Hassan Habaneh, Director, Human Resource Management (HRM) Office, Abdalla Ali Yousuf, Director, Media and Communications, Amoud University, Abdinasir Dahir Egeh, Asst. Dean, Office of Students Affairs (OSA), Amoud University, Abdirashid Jama, Deputy Director, Administration and Finance, Amoud University, Bile Ahmed Dahir "Sadam", Camera man, Amoud University after attending a consultative meeting for Media and Communication coordination team meeting at main campus, Amoud University in November 2019.


25 November 2019
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Serial Number Designation Name of Current Office Holder Telephone Number Email Address
1. Director, Finance and Administration, Amoud University  Hamud Barkhadle  +252 63 4456808  
2.  Deputy Director, Finance and Administration, Amoud University  Abdirashid Jama  +252 63 4456246  
3.  Internal Audit, Amoud University  Deqa Hussein Hassan +252 63 4456350   
4. Director, Quality Assurance and Maintenance of Standards (QAMS), Amoud University  Mr. Bishar Elmi Yey +252 63 4562555   
5.  Director, Human Resource Management (HRM), Amoud University  Mr. Saed Hassan Habaneh +252 63 4457510   
6.  Deputy Director, Human Resource Management, Amoud University Mustafe Said Elmi +252 63 4457208   
7.  Director, Gender and Youth Advocacy, Amoud University   Mrs. Yurub Abdirahman Muumin +252 63 4422727   
 8. University Librarian, Amoud University   Mrs. Qabal Nouh Alin +252 63    
 9.  Chief Legal Officer  Mr. Muhamud Muse Awale    
10. Chief Medical Officer Dr. Said Ahmed Walhad +252 63 4455191   
11. Director, Research Development Center, Amoud College of Health Sciences Mr. Yusuf Abdi Hared +252 63 4440949   
12. Office of University Academic Journal and Publications Mr. Tawakal Abdi Ali +252 63 4455592   
13. Director, Transport Mr. Said Nuriye Rabile +252 63 4459714   
14. Director, Security Services Mr. Hadliye Dahir Bakal    
15. Director, Media and Mass Communication, Amoud University Mr. Abdallah Ali Yousuf +252 63 4456820  

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