Dr. Mohamed Muse Jibril, Vice President, Academic Affairs, Amoud University at a function in teh recent past. File/ PHOTO | Abdalla Ali Yousuf & Sadam Ahmed Dahir "Gurey" | Amoud Media Team 2021

Grade Appeal is Now Open!

05 March 2021
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Grade Appeal for Second Semester March 2021/ July 2021 is currently open. According to Academic calendar, Amoud University, September 2020/ July 2021, the grade appeal is valid from Tuesday, March 2nd, 2021 until Tuesday, March 16th, 2021.

Grade Appeal

  1. Results shall be released by the Dean after approval by Senate.
  2. A student who is not satisfied with his/her grade in a course may appeal to the Chief Registrar for remarking.
  3. The application must be lodged within the first two (2) weeks of official date of release of results by the faculty.
  4. The student should apply in writing through the Dean/HOD, and should specify;
    1. The course code and course title for the grade in dispute;
    2. The reasons why (s)he thinks that the grade is a not a true reflection of his/her performance.
  5. The student shall pay a remarking fee as determined by Senate.
  6. The Chief Registrar, in consultation with the respective Dean of faculty, shall appoint two (2) examiners to remark the paper. The examiners shall:
    1. Be persons who are knowledgeable in the course and are teaching the course or have taught the course before.
    2. Use the same marking guide used by the original course tutor to mark the appealed script.
    3. Mark the script and submit individual and collective report to the Chief Registrar.
  7. The New Grade shall be the final grade of the student in the course irrespective of whether it is better or not.
  8. The new grade shall be presented to Senate for approval and further direction.
Suleiman Hassan Ali, Chief Registrar, Amoud University, at a function in the recent past.
Suleiman Hassan Ali, Chief Registrar, Amoud University, at a function in the recent past.
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