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Mr. Suleiman Hassan Ali

Chief Registrar

Experience & Activities

There shall exist a University Chief Registrar who shall be a member of both the Senate and the Council. Under the general guidance of the Vice President for Academic Affairs, The Chief Registrar of the University shall:

  1. Coordinate students’ admissions and enrollments into the University;
  2. Keep and safeguard examinations results and all academic records of the University;
  3. Publish course offerings of the University approved by Senate;
  4. Issue students’ transcripts, certificates, diplomas, degrees and other forms of certifications by the University;
  5. Publish University documents such as catalogues, brochures, Pamphlets, etc;
  6. Build secure students’ data files and procedures for their use;
  7. Plan and coordinate timetables, use of lecture rooms/halls and other academic facilities;
  8. Be assisted by deputies as need arises.
  9. Undertake such other duties as may be assigned or delegated by the Vice President for Academic Affairs, from time to time.Main Campus, Amoud University, Amoud Valley, Borama, Awdal