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Amoud University
A Vehicle for Peace and Development

Discover the excellence of Amoud University, one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in the Somali-speaking regions of the Horn. Join a community dedicated to academic rigor and innovation.

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Amoud University
Excellent Learning Environment

Amoud University offers an exceptional learning environment with state-of-the-art facilities and highly qualified educators, making it a top choice for students seeking quality education.

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Amoud University
A Vehicle of Innovation and Development

Amoud University drives innovation and development through its cutting-edge programs and passionate faculty, preparing graduates for success in a rapidly evolving world.

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Successful Data Science Training Program with Bristol University and Transparency…

Amoud University Hosts Ceremony for Awarding Internal Research Grants.

University’s Internal Research Grant Award Ceremony: Celebrating Excellence in Research…

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Welcome to Amoud University

Amoud University (Somali: Jaamacada Camuud) is a highly respected public university located in the vibrant city of Borama in Somaliland. Established in 1996, it is a leading institution in Somaliland that is committed to providing exceptional education and promoting innovation and entrepreneurship among its students.


Stive for exceptional quality in education, research and service


Encourage creativity and embrace new ideas and approaches.


Actively contribute to the betterment of our community and society


Adhere to the highest ethical standards in all our actions.

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Amoud University - Jaamacadda Camuud
Amoud University - Jaamacadda Camuud2 hours ago
Dugsiga Daraasaatka Sare iyo Cilmi Baadhista ee Jaamacadda Camuud waxa uu idiin diyaarshay Barnaamijyada hoos ku taxan oo dhamaantood ah Master of Health Science.

Diiwaangelintu waxay socon doontaa ilaa 30ka April, 2024. Iska diiwaangelina link gan hoose:
Amoud University - Jaamacadda Camuud
Amoud University - Jaamacadda Camuud19 hours ago
Amoud University had the pleasure of hosting an esteemed team from Bristol University, UK, led by Professor Jaap Velthius from the School of Physics. Alongside them, Transparency Solutions, an international NGO committed to promoting transparency and accountability, also participated in a collaborative data science training program. The aim was to enhance the data science skills of academicians from various Somali regions and companies like Telesom.

We are proud to announce that the training program concluded with great success, as 190 students graduated, with 160 completing the Advanced stream and 30 graduating from the Basic stream. Notably, the Amoud team achieved the highest number of graduates, with 60 students from the Advanced stream and 10 from the Basic stream.

During their visit, the distinguished guests were warmly welcomed by Dr. Mohamed Muse Jibril, President of Amoud University, along with the Chancellor, Prof. Suleiman Ahmed Guleid, and Vice Presidents: Prof. Ahmed Abdilllahi Boqore, Prof. Mohamed Mohamoud Jama Derie, and Prof. Hamud Ibrahim Barkhadleh. The presence of several Deans and directors added to the significance of the occasion.

Dr. Abdisalam Hassan Muse, the Dean of the School of Postgraduate Studies and Research and the coordinator of the program, presented a comprehensive report highlighting the remarkable achievements of the Amoud team. These accomplishments included the high number of graduates, their outstanding success rate, and noteworthy publications utilizing machine learning algorithms.

Furthermore,the two universities and Transparency Solutions engaged in productive discussions to explore potential collaborative projects. This partnership aims to leverage the expertise of all parties involved, including the international perspectives and experience brought by Transparency Solutions, to initiate initiatives that further advance the field of data science.

This exchange between Amoud University, Bristol University, and Transparency Solutions represents a significant milestone in the realm of data science education. By joining forces with an international NGO like Transparency Solutions, these institutions are dedicated to advancing knowledge, promoting research, and nurturing skilled professionals. We are excited about the future possibilities that this partnership holds for the development of data science in our region and beyond.
Amoud University - Jaamacadda Camuud
Amoud University - Jaamacadda Camuud1 day ago
Waxa Maanta si rasmi ah Jaamacada Camuud uga bilaabmay Mashruuc ay maal galinayso Hayada caalamiga ah ee FAO, mashruuca oo ujeedadiisu ay tahay in lagu tijaabiyo 17 nooc oo ah dalagyada adkaysiga u leh isbedelka cimilada, waxay Jaamacadu hirgalisya 2 hictor oo ah beer loogu talogalay tijaabada.

warbixinta Arintaa ku saabsan ka daawo muuqaalka hoose.
Amoud University - Jaamacadda Camuud
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