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The College of Health Sciences at Amoud University, particularly the School of Laboratory Technology, is dedicated to training skilled medical technologists. We aim to equip our graduates with the necessary knowledge and practical skills to meet the demands of the health sector, specifically within laboratory settings. Our ultimate goal is to empower our graduates to contribute significantly to the development of their countries and improve the quality of life for their people.


Our vision is to be a leading institution in the training of medical technologists, known for producing highly skilled professionals who excel in providing crucial information for disease diagnosis and treatment, ensuring quality assurance, and conducting research that advances health-related knowledge.


  1. To provide a curriculum that combines theoretical knowledge from basic natural and medical sciences with practical skills in using advanced equipment and techniques.
  2. To train graduates who can provide accurate laboratory services, improving patient care and instilling confidence in physicians who rely on laboratory results for their practice.
  3. To foster a lifelong learning attitude among our students, preparing them to become competent lab technicians with a community-oriented approach.
  4. To advance health-related knowledge through research in various areas, including basic science, clinical science education, and methods for delivering health care.
  5. To address challenges in laboratory infrastructure, such as inadequate manpower, insufficient equipment, and underutilization of available laboratory services, by producing a new generation of skilled laboratory personnel.

History & Background

It was established in the academic year of 2010-2011 with the aim to produce medical technologist with knowledge, skills and attitudes who are able to fill the gap in the health working force of the laboratories. Its academic program is designed for four years of study leading Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Technology (BMLT).

It’s curriculum is community oriented education and combines theoretical knowledge of the basic natural and medical sciences with the skillful use of sophisticated equipment and techniques to provide vital information that may be required for diagnosis and treatment of diseases, quality control, quality assurance and research to formulate the policies and measures for the prevention of diseases. The educational program is designed to produce professionals who can use the knowledge they have acquired to develop their countries and improve the quality of lives of their people.

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School Programs

Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Technology

The Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Technology (BMLT) program at Amoud University’s College of Health Sciences aims to train skilled medical technologists. Established in 2010-2011, the program spans four years and combines theoretical knowledge with practical skills in laboratory settings. Students receive hands-on experience in fully-equipped clinical labs and through rotations at regional hospitals and clinics. The curriculum emphasizes community-oriented learning and research to prepare graduates to provide accurate laboratory services, improve patient care, and contribute to their countries’ development.

School Management Team

Dr. Moahmed Duad

Dean, School of Medical Laboratory Sciences

Mr. Abdirahman Deheye

Associate Dean, School of Medical Laboratory Sciences

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Hakima Abdirahman

Associate Dean, School of Medical Laboratory Sciences

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