Amoud University

A Vehicle for Peace & Development

Discover the excellence of Amoud University, one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in the Somali-speaking regions of the Horn. Join a community dedicated to academic rigor and innovation.

Discover Our Rich History and Evolution

Amoud University has a rich history spanning over several decades. Established in 1952 as a secondary school, it evolved into a fully fledged university in 1997. Our commitment to excellence and innovation has seen us produce some of the best minds in the Somali-speaking regions of the Horn. Join us as we continue to shape the future of education and development in the region.

Experience Our Unique Campus Culture

Amoud University is not just a place of learning, it’s a community. Our diverse student body and faculty create a vibrant atmosphere that fosters academic and personal growth. From cultural events to sports competitions, there’s always something happening on campus. Join us and experience the unique campus culture of Amoud University.

Green Campus

Diverse Community

Vision, Mission & Core Values

Amoud University has set forth a clear vision, mission, and core values. The university envisions itself as a leading institution renowned for its excellence in education and research. Emphasizing the importance of skilled professionals, Amoud University strives to contribute to the socioeconomic growth of the region and the nation. Its mission revolves around providing quality education and training, fostering intellectual curiosity and critical thinking, and nurturing an environment of innovation and entrepreneurship guided by core values.

Our Objectives

The objectives are as follows

  • To rejuvenate the faith of the younger generation in Islam and their homeland, aiming to instill a sense of direction and diminish their inclination towards anti-social behavior and confrontations.

  • To serve as an exemplar showcasing the advantages of a peace-oriented culture.

  • To establish a precedence of superior education in Somaliland and nurture a new generation of professionals across all sectors.

  • To offer alternatives and opportunities for those tempted to migrate to foreign countries under the guise of pursuing advanced education.

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