Ongoing research at Amoud University

Ongoing Research

Research is a cornerstone of academic progress and societal development. At Amoud University, we understand the importance of research and the dissemination of knowledge through publications. Our commitment to research excellence is embodied by the School of Postgraduate Studies and Research, which has been leading our research efforts since the first publication in 2006.

The School of Postgraduate Studies and Research at Amoud University plays a crucial role in fostering a strong research culture. By supporting faculty, students, and staff in their research endeavors, the School ensures that valuable insights and findings are shared widely. Publishing research not only enhances our academic standing but also contributes to solving real-world problems and advancing knowledge across various fields.

Through continuous support and encouragement, Amoud University aims to make significant contributions to both local and global academic communities. Our dedication to research and publication is a testament to our commitment to academic excellence and meaningful impact.

ongoing research

# Year Author Field Research TItle Abstract
1 2024 Muhyadiin D. Yousuf Research and Data Analysis Multilevel analysis of sanitation service access and related factors among households in Somalia: Using 2020 Somalia national dataset abstract of Muhiyadin mux
2 2024 Hamda Abdirashid Ali Monitoring and Evaluation Effect of Monitoring and evaluation System on performance of HIV/AIDS programs in SOLNAC Borama, Somaliland. Hamda’s Abstract[1]
3 2024 Muse M. Kalinle Applied Statistics Modeling and Forecasting Impact of Climatic and Non-Climatic Factors on Maize Production in Somalia. An Integrated Modeling Framework Muse M. Kalinle[1]

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