Faculty of Business and Economics

Bashar Elmi Yey

Dean, Faculty of Business and Economics

Message from the Dean

It is with great pleasure to write about faculty of Business and Economic Sciences, a faculty that is currently experiencing a major leap of all times. SBE is a sphere of business and economics studies. The faculty boasts of quality, market driven and very innovative programmes administered in the various Amoud University Campuses and its affiliates across the country.
In line with the promise of global relevance and desire to build the future graduate of business and economics in the image and likeness of the country’s needs and challenges, we aim to prepare our students for a globalizing world with a well-rounded and high-quality education. With our research activities, we strive to extend the frontiers of science and to educate prominent leaders for a sustainable future. Toward this goal, one of our top priorities is to encourage and enhance by focusing on advanced interdisciplinary work, span of development studies and interactions among economics, business administration and international relations in our education and research programs which investigates the changing nature of social, economic, political, technological and cultural aspects of society, with a particular focus on developing countries. At the center of our mission, we aim to make a significant contribution to the education of professional accountants and business leaders to become value creators in both public and private sectors at various levels. The programmes on offer in the faculty have been accredited by various international and national organizations and this opens doors for our graduates on an international platform. The faculty of Business and Economics at Amoud University is dedicated to your success. We work hard to provide you with relevant opportunities to gain practical experience, assisting you in launching your career.

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About the Faculty


The faculty’s vision is to become a versatile and internationally acclaimed center of excellence and the hub for entrepreneurs in academia, business management, economics and society seeking to effect positive change in development and dissemination of innovative ideas on the theory and best practices in business management and economic education.


The faculty’s mission is to enhance excellence and integrity in generating and disseminating benchmark knowledge of business management and economic education to Somali community and world at large.


Objectives of the faculty are:

  1. To help students attain indispensable business and economic skills to have wider career opportunities upon graduation.
  2. Enhance participation in research, dissemination and preservation of business and economic knowledge for both academic and societal development.
  3. To promote the culture of self-employment instead of being dependent on government or institutions for employment.
  4. To avail a platform for dialogue where scholars and academicians can converge to conduct business and economic research by presenting their findings.
  5. To promote the development and expansion of higher business and economic education opportunities through initiation of new programmes and alternative modes of delivery using among others, modern technologies.
  6. To nurture excellence and high standards of business professionalism research and community service.

History & Background

The Faculty of Business and Economics was the first of its kind established in Somaliland. Officially inaugurated on November 4, 1998, now it is one of the most populated faculties of Amoud University. In accordance with the mission of the university, the faculty strives to promote scholarship, provide quality business and economic education, training, and service to the community. The faculty also provides short term training in research and software applications (Excell, SPSS, Stata, Eviews and Gretl), data collection, data analysis, monitoring and evaluations, impact analysis and capacity building. It aims to achieve this through close relationships with professional associations, other education providers and universities, businesses, employers, local organizations, national and international organizations in Somaliland and beyond. The faculty works closely with the other faculties in the university as well as with other related faculties in and outside of the country.

The faculty currently offers six programmes: Bachelor of Business Administration (Accounting Stream and Management Stream), Public Administration (BPA) and Project Planning and Management (BPM), Human Resource Management (HRM), Economics and Islamic Banking and Finance. It also provides a two-year programme leading to Diploma in Business Administration and a diploma in Project Management. The four-year undergraduate studies are designed to meet the educational needs of high school graduates who are willing to specialize either in Business Administration, Project Management, Islamic Banking and Finance , economics or Public Administration while the four-year studies of Public Administration is designed to improve and upgrade the skills and knowledge capability of public workers. The diploma programme targets the local business community so that they can be imparted the necessary knowledge and skills to run successful businesses.

Faculty Programs

This programme produces qualified accountants and managers serving public and private sectors. It develops competencies to handle global business challenges and increases demand for entrepreneurial skills. The programme integrates academic rigor with practical aspects to spearhead business sustainability and excellence.

The demand for HR technocrats is increasing due to global business growth, and HR managers are now seen as key to sustained advantage. Our program addresses this demand for competent HR managers to manage all business resources. We recognize the shortage of skilled HR personnel in Somalia and aim to produce a well-trained local pool of HR professionals for the growth and development of the country.

This programme trains local specialists in project management for development projects. It aims to address the shortage of qualified personnel in the country. Upon completion, graduates will be equipped with essential technical skills to manage projects efficiently. The programme also contributes to the country’s industrialization and national development.

The bachelor of public administration program equips students with practical knowledge and skills to overcome societal challenges. It combines theories and practices in public sector management and development programs. Graduates will be prepared to serve as career civil servants and development managers.

This programme aims to equip economists with the skills and knowledge needed to contribute to the advancement of the public and private sectors, while also supporting the economic and political development of the Somali community through advanced professional training and research opportunities.

Islamic banking follows Shariah principles, prioritizes service over profit, and prohibits usury and interest. A program in Islamic banking and finance will produce qualified professionals to meet Somaliland’s demand for transparent financial services in line with Islamic law, improving the economy and growing the sector in Africa and beyond.

Faculty Management Team

Abdirizak Mohamed Moumin

Associate Dean, Faculty of Business and Economics

Omar Mohamoud

Associate Dean, Faculty of Business and Economics

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