Admission at Amoud University

Admission Policy

Amoud University recruits, admits, and enrolls highly qualified students from around the region/world. The admission process for students is highly selective. The university recognizes that not every student is suited for the kind of educational experience offered here.

In particular, Amoud University admits students who can contribute to and benefit from the international-style living and education that the university has to offer. In short, Amoud University seeks out students who are innovators, students who will one day make a difference in their chosen careers, in their home communities, and in the world.

The University admission process is both personalized and highly competitive. The individualized application process ensures that every applicant receives thorough consideration. There is no admissions formula whose fulfillment guarantees an applicant’s acceptance to the University. Selection for admission to the University is based upon a variety of factors. Students who are to be admitted to the university programs must first fulfill the university’s admission criteria

Undergraduate Admission Criteria

Postgraduate Admission Criteria

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