Vice-president of Administration & Finance

Ahmed Abdilahi Boqore

Vice-president, Admin & Finance

About the VP

There shall be a Vice President for Administration and Finance who will serve as the head of the administration and finance division and will oversee human resource management, finance and assets, as well as the development aspects of the University. The President shall appoint the Vice President, subject to approval by the Board of Trustees, for a term of Four (4) years, from the senior officers of the University or from outside the University. The Vice President will be eligible for re-appointment upon the expiration of their term. In appointing the Vice President, due consideration will be given to the Constitution of the Republic of Somaliland, as well as Commission for Higher Education circulars issued from time to time.

Message from the Vice-president

It is with great pleasure that I address you as the Vice President for Administration and Finance at Amoud University. In this role, I oversee critical aspects of university operations to ensure efficiency, sustainability, and financial stewardship.

Working closely with a dedicated team of directors, each entrusted with specific responsibilities, we strive to uphold the highest standards of administrative excellence. Allow me to introduce our esteemed directors:

  1. Director of Administration: Overseeing the administrative functions of the university, this director ensures smooth operations and effective coordination among various departments. Administrative director administers the efficiency and effectiveness of the services including transportation, assets, security, procurement and logistics and overall functionality of support services, their efforts contribute to the overall efficiency of our institution.
  2. Director of Finance: Responsible for managing the university’s financial resources, budgeting, and financial reporting. This director plays a pivotal role in ensuring fiscal responsibility and transparency across all university departments and initiatives.
  3. Director of Planning and Development: Charged with strategic planning and long-term development initiatives, this director plays a crucial role in shaping the future of Amoud University. Their focus on sustainable growth and resource allocation is essential for achieving our institutional goals.
  4. Director of Human Resource and Management: Central to our success is our people. This director is responsible for all aspects of human resource management, including recruitment, training, performance evaluation, and employee relations. By fostering a supportive and inclusive work environment, they empower our faculty and staff to excel.
  5. Director of ICT Services: In today’s digital age, effective information and communication technology (ICT) infrastructure are essential for academic and administrative functions. This director oversees the implementation and maintenance of ICT systems, ensuring seamless connectivity and access to resources for all members of our university community.

Together, we are committed to upholding the values of integrity, transparency, and accountability in all our administrative and financial endeavors. Our collective efforts are aimed at supporting the academic mission of Amoud University and enhancing the overall experience for students, faculty, and staff.

I encourage all members of our community to actively engage with us and provide feedback as we work together to achieve our shared objectives.

Thank you for your continued support and dedication to Amoud University.


Ahmed Abdilahi Boqore

Vice President for Administration and Finance

Functions of the Vice-president

The Vice President for Administration and Finance shall serve as the secretary to the Board of Management. Under the direct guidance and supervision of the President of the University, they will lead the Administration and Finance division, coordinate all related activities, and report directly to the President. Additionally, they will supervise and assume responsibility for all financial transactions and activities of the University, including revenue and expenditures. They will be required to serve as the designated signatory to all financial documents of the University. As part of their role, they will analyze, evaluate, and recommend the recruitment of personnel requested by the different units of the University. The Vice President will be responsible for overseeing the preparation of annual budgets and other financial statements by the department of Administration and Finance and submitting the same for review by the President and Council. As a key advisor to the President, they will offer counsel and recommendations on all personnel matters related to the recruitment, appraisal, and termination of University staff. In addition, they shall act as a responsible figure for rehabilitation, construction, and logistics activities of the University while being prepared to undertake any other task assigned by the President. In light of these responsibilities, the Vice-President shall work to create a harmonious environment within the University, coordinating the day-to-day activities of Deans and other functional units, and chairing the sessions of the Senate while specifically overseeing the Academic Programs of the University under the President’s overall supervision. Lastly, the Vice-President shall assume the role of Acting President of the University in the absence of the President and undertake any other task assigned to them by the President.

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