Faculty of Engineering

Abdikarim Idiris Nour

Dean, Faculty of Engineering

Message from the Dean

Welcome to the faculty of engineering at Amoud University. Here, we foster innovation, creativity and excellence in engineering education. I hope this will be your choice of Faculty.
Please be informed that the Engineering Faculty at Amoud University was established in 2008. The Faculty provides outstanding opportunities for future careers in the engineering profession. Currently, it offers four academic programs. Namely, they include B.Sc. in Civil Engineering, B.Sc. in Architectural and Urban planning, B.Sc. in Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering, B.Sc. in Water Supply and Environmental Engineering.
Our labs; Soil lab, concrete lab, surveying lab, highway lab, Electronics lab, Telecommunications lab, are well equipped with state-of-the-art equipment that provide the engineering students the practical knowledge needed to prepare them to excel in their discipline.
Our objective is to produce engineers capable of excelling in the competitive job market. To achieve this goal, we equip you with the necessary knowledge and skills to tackle industrial challenges, ensuring your success as future leaders in your chosen engineering field.

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About the Faculty


The vision of the faculty of engineering is to provide an excellent engineering education with holistic approach to technical knowledge, research and training, and produce highly qualified engineers which high professional ethics, creative ideas and leadership skills to respond to the changes in the economy, technology and society, both locally and beyond.


The mission of the faculty of engineering is to advance engineering learning, discovery, and engagement in the context of the evolving responsibility of a global, technological, economic, and societal challenge of the 21th century.


The faculty of engineering is guided by the following objectives:

  1. To provide critical learning for broad functions in various areas of engineering, including but not limited to structural, environmental, geotechnical, water resources, and transportation engineering and construction management.
  2. To make students aware of the advancement of engineering knowledge in the global village and keep them abreast with such developments.
  3. To impress on the graduates the spirit of discipline, code of ethics and the need to follow code of ethics in practical professional engineering works.
  4. To prepare and produce engineers who are competitive in both local and international markets, through and efficient inculcation of the modern engineering and managerial skills.

History & Background

The faculty of engineering was started in 2008 to give priority to academic research and consultancy and promote a strong local and international cooperation in the field of engineering.
The Faculty contributes to producing a Model Society through imparting core academic and professional engineering values to the students, and working together with other sectors to implement the industrialized economic development strategy of the country and to make the economy of the country highly competitive in the construction and production spheres.
After the destruction of infrastructure that resulted from the devastating civil war in early 1990’s, heavy investment is required in the construction sector. This will include investment in heavy machinery to build and construct all forms and types of required infrastructure. But all such investments are of no avail without a critical mass of highly qualified and well-trained human resource to handle such equipments. In any case, after the human capital flight that occurred during and after the civil war, the pool of qualified engineers in the country is too thin to meet the current construction demand. Amoud University responded to this shortfall by creating the faculty of engineering in 2008. The aim of the university is to reduce over-reliance of expectorate engineers by producing well qualified local engineers. The faculty was founded on this mission, and has endeavored to produce local personnel who can invent, design, analyze, build and test machines, complex systems, structures, gadgets and materials to fulfill fundamental objectives and requirements with contextual limitations.

Faculty Programs

Bachelor of Civil Engineering

The faculty of engineering trains civil engineers for rebuilding infrastructure after the civil war. The programme meets the growing demand for competent engineers in various fields and produces a critical mass of well-qualified engineers. It’s a milestone in expanding university education and key to solving the shortage of skilled human labor in civil engineering.

Bachelor of Water Supply and Environmental Engineering

The programme trains professionals in water supply and environmental engineering for the design and operation of sanitation facilities and environmental protection. The scarcity of water in Somaliland, coupled with increasing domestic and industrial wastes, necessitate locally produced engineers to design solutions for a healthier environment.

Bachelor of Architecture and Urban Planning

The Faculty of Architecture teaches design and planning for building, cities, and products. Lectures and studios cover industrial products, architecture, landscapes, and settlements. The faculty aims to produce well-qualified architectural engineers to meet growing needs for development and global challenges.

Bachelor of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering

Amoud University’s bachelor of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering programme produces graduates with theoretical knowledge and practical training in electronic circuits and telecommunication systems. The program includes fundamental theoretical courses, core theoretical courses, and core practical courses, as well as an internship program.

Faculty Management Team

Ahmed A. Ahmed

Associate Dean, Faculty of Engineering

Abdisalan Y. Duale

Assistant Dean, Faculty of Engineering

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