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Our vision is to become the center of excellence and a leading faculty in economic matters in the horn of Africa through the provision of quality education and research in economic and political science


The goal of School of dentistry is to produce competent Doctors who can deal with the prevailing health problems of the country, competent to practice preventive, promotive, curative and rehabilitative oral health in respect to the commonly encountered dental health problems and Possess the right attitude for continued self learning and to seek further expertise or to pursue research in any chosen area of dentistry.


Our mission is to develop the academic, economic and political strength of Somali community in the horn of Africa through provision of alternative and efficient academic programs, research and community outreach activities in economic and political science using contemporary approaches, theories and methodologies.

History & Background

Amoud Dental School was established in the academic year 2008-2009 with the aim to produce dental surgeons optimally prepared to take part in the rapidly changing health care environment of our country. Health care systems depend not only upon infrastructure and resources, but also on the availability of skilled human resources. The changing pattern of oral diseases, their frequency and severity, and the disparity of distribution between developing and developed countries require changes in the strategies of dental education and oral health care delivery systems. Amoud College of Health Sciences was established to effectively address one of the Somaliland/Somali most neglected and pressing health problems which is dental and oral health care.

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Bachelor of Dental Surgery

 Amoud College of Health Sciences was established to effectively address one of the Somaliland/Somali most neglected and pressing health problems, one of these problems are dental and oral health care.

The current situation features huge unmet treatment needs, striking inequality in delivery systems and absence of an adequate community-oriented prevention system. People in developing countries are burdened by a significant number of oral diseases, which are further aggravated by poverty, poor living conditions, lack of dental awareness, and the absence of appropriate policies and funding to provide basic oral health care. In the wake of changing culture and lifestyle, new dental diseases are emerging. While future patterns of disease and the efficacy of future treatments are difficult to predict, the demand for dentistry is likely to increase. Amoud Dental was started to produce competent dental surgeons who are able to deal with the dental and oral health problems.

The curriculum is reflecting modern trends of dental education and is designed to equip the graduates with the, knowledge, skills, attitudes and abilities to adapt rapidly to changing professional circumstance. It is student-centered approach with emphasis on self-learning to develop in the students the ability and willingness to pursue their own learning after graduation.

School Management Team

Dr Abdirashid O. Ibrahim

Dean, School of Dentistry

Dr Ilyaas Ali

Associate Dean, School of Dentistry

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Hibo Bile

Associate Dean, School of Dentistry

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