Faculty of Sharia and Law

Mukhtar Ahmed Omar

Dean, Faculty of Education

Message from the Dean

Our vision at the Faculty of Education is to become an internationally renowned center of excellence in teaching and education. We are committed to producing knowledgeable, reflective lifelong learners who not only excel in their profession but also care deeply about the welfare of others and the environment.
Our mission is clear: to advance knowledge through reflective teaching, leading-edge pedagogy, innovative curriculum, modern ICT, and engagement with learners. We are dedicated to promoting a culture of peace, dialogue, democracy, and indigenous knowledge through our various programs.
With these objectives in mind, we aim to produce well-qualified teachers in both natural and social sciences for primary and secondary schools in Somaliland and the region. Additionally, we provide in-service training opportunities to educational staff and related fields, ensuring they are equipped with the latest knowledge and competencies in educational management.
Moreover, our commitment to improving education theory and practice is unwavering. We strive to contribute to the development of our nation through quality research and publications in the field of education. Our educational programs are designed to be innovative and diverse, addressing the evolving needs of the changing world.
Furthermore, we are dedicated to producing high-quality educationists who possess advanced knowledge in their fields of specialization, as well as modern ICT skills necessary for professional educational provision.
As we move forward, it is imperative that we strengthen the education profession through active engagement in initiatives, enterprises, and activities. Through discussions, debates, and the provision of expert knowledge, we aim to elevate the standards of education and contribute meaningfully to society.

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About the Faculty


To become a pivotal and famous faculty of Shari’a and Law in the Horn of Africa, providing quality law education per excellence, imparting knowledge in nuances of law, the legitimacy and legalities, combining authenticity and modernity, to develop in the students distinct legal skills and research aptitude, to produce all-round lawyers for the country and the region.


Our mission is to create and strengthen a legal culture that is embedded in the correct and legal inspiration that enables students to enter the labour market with efficient, adequate and appropriate capacities.


The objectives of the faculty of the Sharia and Law are to:

  1. Promote the teaching and learning of Law and facilitate transfer of legal skills and knowledge to the students.
  2. Contribute to providing highly qualified specialists in Shari’a and Law to take up employment and satisfy the requirements of the legal labor market.
  3. Establish a general awareness among members of the community about the rule of law and discourage them from deviant thoughts and improper, unlawful activities.
  4. Promote research in Shari’a and Law and advance knowledge in the current theories and practice in Shari’a and Law.

History & Background

Faculty of Shari’a and Law was established in 2006 to contribute to the development of the moral code of legal education and revival of our national values in the philosophy of knowledge, faith and work. This philosophy resonates with the university’s mission and training post- civil war highly qualified human resources, with strong belief in Islamic values of fraternity, cooperation, hard work, and who, at same time, discards all types of favouritism, tribalism, and culture of conflict. The faculty is committed to making a difference in the region country and in Horn of Africa region as a unique center of learning providing high quality education in Law, Sharia, Jurisprudence and Fiqh. The faculty strives to provide good academic environment in which all students can pursue their studies in the practice of Law and legal education and become dynamic and expert judges of various levels in the country courts.

Faculty Programs

Bachelor of Law (LLB)

This law degree program is the country’s first after the civil war, which ended in the 1990s. During and after the war, there was widespread lawlessness and a lack of legal professionals due to mass emigration. This program was created to address these issues and promote the rule of law over anarchy. It aims to produce competent lawyers and leaders who uphold human rights and justice, serving the public, government, and business sectors locally and globally. Amoud University hopes this program will help rebuild the country and advance its legal system.

Faculty Management Team

Warsame Abokor

Associate Dean, Faculty of Computing & ICT

Khaled Abdirahman

Associate Dean, Faculty of Computing & ICT

Ahmed Abdillahi

Associate Dean, Faculty of Computing & ICT

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