Student Life

Amoud University is a renowned institution of higher learning located in Borama, Awdal, Somaliland. Established in 1998, it has been providing quality education to students from various parts of Africa and the world. The university offers a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs in fields such as education, health sciences, business, and information technology. Amoud University is known for its strong commitment to research and community service. Its faculty comprises experienced and highly trained professionals who are dedicated to academic excellence. The university has a vibrant student life, with numerous clubs and societies catering to various interests. At Amoud University, students are provided with an enriching learning experience that equips them to become innovative leaders in their respective fields.

Office of Student Affairs

The office of student affairs has responsibility for students’ activities and commitment to enable all students participates in an engaging, healthy, and active learning environment during their time at AU. Our office provides guidance and advice to the students enrolled in university.

Task of Student Affair

  • We will do our best to arrange academic conferences for students.
  • We will arrange sport competitions for students outside and inside of Amoud University.
  • For the mental flourish, improving and growing of students we will arrange mental competitions, poetry recitals and other things.
  • We will support and motivate top 1 student form each class and from all University. 


To promote students learning, life skills, inspire students to make life-long positive contribution to society and personal growth through strong focus on holistic students development and collaborative partnerships that deliver superior service to care for and enrich the University of Amoud.


The office for student affairs provides leadership in achieving the Amoud University goal and creating sustaining a world-class student experience.



  • To provide Excellent Programs and Services Relevant to Student Needs
  • To effectively Communicate the Value and Relevance of OSA’s Programs and Services
  • To cultivate Continuous Improvement and Innovation in Programs and Services
  • To Increase Inter-Departmental Communication and Collaboration

Programs, services and facilities provided by our students.

Advocacy and liaison

Welcome to the office Student Affairs. The programs, services and facilities provided by our departments are designed to create a stimulating and supportive environment that enhances the personal development, learning, educational success and career preparation of all students. We work in partnership with colleges and faculty to enhance student development and success, and value engaging students actively in the process through involvement both inside and outside the classroom. Our goal is to be part of Amoud University‘s overall mission of preparing graduates for participation and leadership in an increasingly diverse and complex global society.


Advocating on student’s behalf through on and off campus collaborations. Vice-president of Public Relations and Extracurricular Activities Prof. Mohamoud M. Jamaa (Derie) Empowering and assisting students in learning how to self-advocate and to enhance critical decision making skills. Inspiring within students the responsibilities of citizenship in a large community. Serving as office student affair’s key source of communication and resource for parents and families.


Student placement

The office help University faculties find internship for students. Places that provide our students in internship are e.g Berbera port, telecommunication companies, government offices local and international NGOs.


Student with special needs support services

The office of student affairs provides and coordinates mandated support services for students with disabilities. The student’s disabilities that need special accommodations must make their request by contacting student affairs at (063-4458618 or 063-4450038). Potential types of special needs include: Hearing impairment Visual impairment Physical disability To request disability-related accommodations, please contact OSA.


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